'Underground' - An alternative route which is unique and contrasting to mainstream cultures.


The Underground Creatives was set up with two main aims; to encourage young people to think positively and creatively and to raise awareness of social topics through the Arts. The workshops stand alone in the way that they engage young people, using music and urban performance arts, such as rap, beat-box and poetry to communicate serious messages. 


Workshops and performances have been delivered in various settings such as; schools, colleges, youth clubs and even corporate events.

Akshay Sharma aka Mr Shay, is the lead practitioner and has a strong background in the Arts and Culture sector. He feels

that art and expression is a powerful tool which should be implemented into education whether it be alternative or mainstream.   

Previously funded by The Mighty Creatives & Curve Theatre.

All rights reserved. The Underground Creatives.

Photography by Dean Leivers.